Who the Heck Is This Chick?

WordPress wants me to say something about me. I think the blog says it all. I’ve had quite a few jobs ranging from radio DJ to retail sales, from working to better my hometown of Atlanta to being a minion of The Company From The Gates of Hades LLC. I now work for myself in music, as well as keeping a part-time retail job to get me out of the house. I am recently married to a blessedly patient man and have been told my single life was the unholy spawn of Ally McBeal and Sex and the City. The radio DJ thing means I have an opinion on everything: politics, music, the fact that I fall down all the time…you name it. I also dig photography, so the Route 66 section includes my photography from our cross-country Route 66 trip.

I’m kind of new at this thing, so if you like what you read, PLEASE subscribe! PLEASE comment! All sarcasm aside, I love writing and think it would be pretty cool to know if readers love what I write.

Thanks for checking my blog out! Just click on one of the categories to get started…

  1. Found it! Georgia killin’ em

  2. Hi kitkat37,

    I couldn’t find your direct email address, so hopefully this will reach you. I am the Operations Manager for WREK Atlanta 91.1FM. We are dedicated to playing quality diverse music trying to provide Atlanta with as much undiscovered music as possible with live volunteer DJs around the clock. The situation with Atlanta’s radio scene is confounding, enraging, and, above all, extremely fascinating. Your article contains all the perspective and clarity necessary to really explain to people what is going on and why. If you are interested, I would love if you would consider sitting down with us on air and explaining to our audience what you explained in your article and the possible consequences of this shuffle. Please email me if you’re interested.

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