Adventures in Blind Dating – Episode 2

As you know, I joined out of curiosity recently. Date #1? Eh. Very nice guy, cute as well and tall – but about as much spark as a wet match. So we had a fine conversation over wine and an appetizer in Midtown, and I was already at karaoke on North Avenue by 10pm. Thus ending the Saga of Cat and Guy #1.

Enter Guy #2. We’ll call him Liberal Attorney Guy. We exchanged a couple of texts and everything seemed to be going well. Plans were made to meet up last Friday for an after work drink and miraculously, his ankle – which, granted, he had already told me was in a boot – retwisted and he had to stay off of it all weekend. Could we do lunch next week? I let him know that honestly, I don’t get lunch breaks at my current job, but I was happy to reschedule an after-work drink. Of course, this was all done via text. As it was with Guy #1. So following I haven’t heard back from Liberal Attorney Guy, except a TEXT at 11pm asking if I was still up. I was, but I had a better date with “Justified” and a glass of wine.

Guy #3. Let’s refer to this one as Boat Guy. Again with the texts. And Homeskillet was 40 years old and ought to know better. We actually spoke on the phone, at long last, and commenced having what I took as being a good conversation. We made dinner plans for Tuesday evening. And then came the text. At 6:30 on Tuesday night. “Sorry, can’t make it. Crazy busy at work.” I wrote him back with an alternate date….nothing.

Lesson #1 Learned from The amount of texts sent to a girl you have never spoken with is directly correlated with the level at which you are a tool.

I have a couple of tentative dates lined up this week. Another attorney tomorrow evening. Possible meeting in the Highlands on Friday. We shall see. I have specifically asked them not to text. To call instead. Otherwise, the mathematical equation indicating tool-hood applies. I have enough tools in my past to supply an entire Home Depot. I didn’t pay for an online dating service to add another couple of hammers to the lot.

Stay tuned. More hilarity will ensue, I’m sure!


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Welcome to my blog! I love photography and typically have an opinion on everything - particularly music - so please take a look around and hopefully find something that amuses you!

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