Day 1, Route 66 Honeymoon – Bloomington, IL and en route!


The Roaming Animal was pretty pumped (William Natcher Parkway, Bowling Green, KY.)

So today we embarked on our honeymoon road trip, leaving from Bowling Green, KY and heading to our chosen starting point on Route 66 in Bloomington, IL. (Have you been to the real starting point in Chi-town? If you lived to tell the story, you are more adventurous than I and probably have a better healthcare plan.)

A couple of things we learned driving into central Illinois.

1) Deitrich, IL has a much better radio station than Atlanta. DEITRICH. Have you heard of it? Exactly. It’s a primarily German-ancestry community about an hour outside of Champaign, IL, and they have a badass “Dave FM” style station called Jack, about three classic rock stations, a classic country, two pop, and two country. And an alternative. So the Amish have better taste than Atlanta.

2) They are big into recycling in south central Illinois, as well as preservation. Prime example? The revitalization of an old school house near Effingham, IL.


We would have taken a photo of the actual place, but the screech of the sudden U-turn on a back country road might have alerted the Amish police.

3) Speaking of police, they are much nicer in central Illinois than in Georgia, as in, their hearts aren’t made of cold hard granite from Stone Mountain. We were tailed for about 5-10 minutes by a police car on I-74, but couldn’t get around the millions of Semis trying to beat the Memorial Day traffic. We were playing trivia in the car. “KEEP READING,” the Rondeau hollered. “IT’S ONLY A COP.” “What is another name for black cumin that is also the name of a TV chef?” I asked. “I DON’T KNOW! WTF?” was Adam’s response. Finally, we were able to pass a rig and get into the right lane. The two young cops blew past us and buzzed their siren, waving and giving us a thumbs up. We had forgotten we still have the “Just Married” on the back of our SUV.

Central IL cops have a sense of humor.


Banana Moon Pies from Kentucky helped calm us down from the Great Cop Debacle of Central Illinois.

Finally, we arrived in Bloomington, IL. Our start to Route 66! Downtown Bloomington has some great architecture.


I fell in love with the windows on this building. I think it was condos.

We couldn’t decide where to grab a drink and some appetizers and plan our next route. We finally strolled into a very unassuming restaurant called Michael’s, right on the square. The staff, in stark contrast to Atlanta, was incredibly welcoming to outsiders and the prices were unbelievable. Maybe we just aren’t used to the Midwest.


We finally made it to Route 66! Michael’s Italian Restaurant, just off Center Street, Bloomington.ImageImage

Turns out Michael’s is on the National Registry of Historic Places as one of the first places President Lincoln ever made a speech. All the Who’s Who from back in the day were standing right where we were chowing down on our mutant calamari. And yes, if you can see the perspective in the photos, they apparently serve the largest calamari on the planet. Uber Calamari…uber delicious…

After leaving, we chose a hotel room near the interstate, as recommended by the manager of the restaurant. Hawthorn by Wyndham. We got a AAA discount, the room has a four-poster bed, and a super-nice truck driver in the bar bought our drinks for the evening, Thus proving yet again that…despite their Nickelback obsession…people in the Midwest thus far are so much nicer than Buckhead. Which comes as a shock, I know. I have never been to Illinois prior to 12 hours ago, so….short of the Florida couple outside our window chatting in the car and blasting their bass (which has nothing to do with Illinois residents)…I want to adopt the entire central portion of this state.


The Roaming Animal loves our four-poster bed


My glass of wine, courtesy of the kindly older truck driver from Texas.


One exception: Don’t drink the water from the rest areas. Friends don’t let friends drink yellow bubbly water.


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  1. Great post, Cat! Keep the updates coming -I’ve been wanting to drive Route 66 forseveral years now. I love hearing your perspective!

  2. desislava tonkova

    enjoyed the pictures and the commentaries……it looks like you guys had fun and looed good doing it .

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